CMACD | Menswear
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The Designer

Ciarán Mac Domhnaill

I am a menswear designer with a unique vision on contemporary male fashion. I am passionate about reforming menswear into something bolder. During my time so far in Amsterdam I have developed and challenged my personal vision. My trademark style combines contemporary masculinity with bold sensuality.


Creating a “hypothetical” streetwear brand

Personal Project:


Hidden Texture

The black cracked fabric after spray painting has been transformed into this white iridescent snake skin fabric. I wore the garment myself as I wanted to see it transform on me. The garment represents to me my own metamorphosis and personal development towards a bolder aesthetic.


Group Project: Music & Dance

Personal Project:

Tailored Society

A Photography Project

This project is very personal to me. I wanted to show the world I grew up in, a rural part of Ireland. This project is an expression of my background and how I became the person I am today. Modern Ireland is still filled with many remnants of a bygone era. As a child I grew up in very unchanged surroundings. I wanted to capture this phenomenon in photography, to show how even today many aspects of daily life are still reminiscent of the past. I always felt different growing up and these photographs show how I tried to fit in but ultimately stood out from my surroundings.


Historical Garment Inspired

I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes. It’s about all kinds of change.
– Karl Lagerfeld