CMACD | La Moitié Bleue
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La Moitié Bleue


Mantel Research

The inspiration for this design was a late 19th century women’s mantle (fig.1). It is made of wool felt and silk and is from the depot of the Amsterdam Museum. Its distinctive floral lace, voile and scalloped edges stood out to me.


The long drooping facade almost looks like it has been pulled and stretched into an exaggerated form.

1/2 scale toiles

Eventually focusing on experimentation with enlarging/reducing patterns and pleating.

Eco Design

With climate change and mass consumerism destroying our planet, sustainability in fashion has become paramount. I researched many different fabrics and their sustainable aspects. I chose to work with 100% quality materials as they are easily recyclable or biodegradable.


In my research I focused on linen materials. Linen has many advantages over cotton in terms of sustainability. The flax plant requires less water than cotton, and furthermore the fabric is more durable than cotton, meaning the garment will last longer before it is discarded.


Woven linen has a rustic and traditional visual quality, which I wanted to contrast with a sharp contemporary design.The drapability of the linen is an advantage.

Prototype Deluxe

in a thick twill cotton

The Persona

A disproportionate member of society. He is alienated on a way to some kind of self destruction, demanding empathy and a violent identification. Our feelings are roughly manipulated in his world of attraction and repulsion, pleading and rejection.


I created this persona and used these images to illustrate his lifestyle and mindset. The persona inspired my overall vision for the photoshoot styling and feeling of the collection book.

Final Piece

in pale blue linen

AMFI, Fashion