CMACD | Negative Space
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Negative Space

Personal project

About The Project

For this project the most important part is the process and continuous reflection. These experiments are open to interpretation and meaning.


Practicing different methods of art and craft I wanted to explore shape, negative space and their characteristics.


The importance of negative space is often over-looked. It is forever present but falls inside the darkest of shadows and the loneliness of places. It retreats inwards to create depth in a sculpture, to highlight the peak of a mountain or to show the presence of a void.


But if we give meaning to a negative space is there still a void?

3D Experiments

Different mediums

Once I started I felt that I need to continue experimenting but also in different forms, both 2D and 3D. Therefore, in the following pages you will see experimentation in charcoal and marker also.

Minature pieces

I made the pieces miniature but I can imagine them being much larger in the future. This personal project gave me more encouragement to continue experimenting with the 3D pieces and to see how it goes.

Large drawings

Each of these sketches are A3.

Art, Personal Project, Photography