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Tailored Society

Tailored Society


This project is very personal to me. I wanted to show the world I grew up in, a rural part of Ireland. This project is an expression of my background and how I became the person I am today.


Modern Ireland is still filled with many remnants of a bygone era. As a child I grew up in very unchanged surroundings. I wanted to capture this phenomenon in photography, to show how even today many aspects of daily life are still reminiscent of the past.


I always felt different growing up and these photographs show how I tried to fit in but ultimately stood out from my surroundings

My Primary School

This is my first primary school Scoil na gCeithre Maistri. Upon entering this strictly Irish speaking and Catholic institute it quickly became apparent that the old ways were not challenged.


Every classroom in this grey bricked building had a black board with a crucifix or a St.Brigid cross neatly hanging above it.

Pink Armour

This is a picture of me in my full flamboyance. At the time i might not have known my personality, sexuality or much about my surroundings. But i really felt comfortable acting feminine and being full of colour.


Thankfully my sister saw this interest and now I have numerous toddler photographs wearing frilly outfits, adorned with bags, necklaces, sunglasses and tiaras.


This joy and fun did not mirror in my school life, where everyone was uniformed; uniformed in clothing, uniformed in language and uniformed in behaviour.

Tailored Society

Fashion and creativity were something I desperately wanted to explore.
The local tailor where all the men in my family had their suits made became an epicentre for traditional mens tailoring; how men were expected to dress.


It is places like this and in bars where men taught young boys like myself how we should act, what we should be interested in and attracted to.


This standarised blanket for male behaviour really became something i wanted to rebel against, but being young and not knowing anything outside the walls of your own town, I tried to conform.

Personal Project, Photography